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In conversation with Dr Raulia - Aesthetics

Talking all things aesthetics!

The perception of aesthetic treatments is still widely held by some people as shallow, vain or unnecessary by a substantial amount of conflicting negative commentary in the media and on social media, and this view is often perpetuated largely by the amount of conflicting negative commentary. At the same time, there is a fascination with imitating celebrities, trying to figure out if they have had anything done, and if so, what it is. The Kardashians' obsession with their lips and rears is a great example of this.

There are times when people come in with aspirations or treatment choices without understanding that certain treatments can alter the whole shape and structure of their face, and sometimes not in a good way. It can be challenging to translate this!

Most aesthetic treatments will make you look younger and fresher, as they tighten, soften, restore, regenerate volume, and brighten the complexion.

Treatment shouldn't be obvious. You should look fresh, balanced and youthful but no one should think you have had anything done. Many people are fearful that they will no longer look like themselves after having injectable treatments. However, a skilled practitioner will only make you look like a better version of your current self!


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