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Lemon Bottle

Non-surgical, next generation fat dissolving injectable, with minimal side effects and costs when compared to  surgical options. 

What is Lemon  Bottle?

When injected beneath the skin, Lemon Bottle is able to help breakdown stubborn pockets of fat which then drain through the lymphatic system.

Key Ingredients

Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 induces activation of fat metabolism

Bromelain, Bromelain helps to break down fat and remove inflammation

Lecithin, Lecithin destroys and transports unnecessary fat cells


Treatment Areas:

Abdomen                   Outer Thighs

Saddlebags               Inner Thighs                 

Back Rolls                  Chin

Underarm area        Love Handles

To whom do we recommend the treatment?

The treatment is recommended for people who have stubborn unwanted fat deposits.

This is not a weight loss treatment, nor a skin tightening treatment but a volume reduction treatment which dissolves fat deposits.


Weight loss can be carried out along with the treatment.

You will need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes a good diet and exercise. 

How many treatments are needed and in what intervals?

On average 3-6 treatments are recommended, depending on the region and the amount of fat tissue. A treatment plan will be discussed with you at your consultation.

The interval between treatments 1-2 weeks.

What are the side effects?

  • Swelling

  • Allergic reactions which may require emergency treatment (**THIS TREATMENT IS NOT SUITABLE IF YOU HAVE A PINEAPPLE ALLERGY**)

  • Unsatisfactory results, including stubborn fat, asymmetry, irregularity or loose skin.

What to expect after treatment?

Redness, bruising, sensitivity and swelling(can last for 1 week) of the treated part are all possible.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol and exercise 24 hours before and after treatment. 

Due to the action of fat dissolving injections, it takes time for the fat to be eliminated from the body and although some results may appear in the first few days it is normal that the final result is not seen until your 3rd treatment.

Appropriate clothing should be worn on the day of treatment to allow modest access to the area and not to be too restrictive or cause discomfort.

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